Special Events and Extended Back Country Trips

There’s no better way to experience Colorado and the San Juan Mountains. So saddle up and get ready to ride!

Rapp Corral Named Top Trail Ride by True West Magazine!

Special Events and Extended Back Country Trips are only available on the dates shown in each individual event or trip description.

Beginner: Someone who rides infrequently or never before, but does not have a fear of horses.
Medium: Someone who rides a few times a year; someone who has taken a few lessons.
Advanced: Someone who rides frequently (perhaps owns a horse), and can properly control a horse under most circumstances found on the trail.


Proficiency Level: Great for all riders!
Duration: 4 Hours
Minimum Age
: 15 years old
Weight Limit
: 210 lbs.
Offered: October 6, 2017

Ride starts 10:00am at the corral with a big group photo, we break into groups of six or so and ride some nice trails decorated in early fall colors.  The riders all meet at Chris Park and tie their horses as we all gather together for a great lunch catered by Nortons Catering.  Cowboy songs and poetry near the pavilion is a real experience…sometimes spontaneous as we gather with friends new and old! It is a mix of song, stories, some tears and some hearty laughter.

Booking is online only and the ride is Rain or Shine  Please make reservations early!

If you need a horse the cost is 160.00.
If you are bringing your own the cost is 75.00.
Lunch only is 35.00.

Rapp Corral donates 20% to the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering Organization.
Reservations are required and we sell out every year!  Book early!
Ride begins at 10:00 and we should be back to the corral by 2:00pm!


Proficiency Level: beginner through advanced. If you have only ridden a few times, we highly encourage you to take 2-3 riding lessons before joining us on this trip.
Fitness level: intermediate. We will be hiking every day and will be climbing some moderately steep terrain. We suggest that you get on a fitness routine 3-4 weeks before joining us.
Duration: 4 Days
Minimum Age
: 18 years old
Weight Limit
: 210 lbs.
Offered: TBA  late September to mid October

Get ready to explore Mancos Canyon within the Ute Mountain Tribal Park.

This is a once in a life time adventure!

Our remote horse camp is deep within the Ute Mountain Tribal Park below Mesa Verde.  The camp site is much the same as when 120 years ago William Henry Jackson stood with surprised awe and wonder of the ancient ruin high on the sandstone cliff. The photograph of Two Story House that Jackson took was one of the first to show the remarkable civilization that lived in these now deserted canyons.   We will also explore on foot and horseback the past life of the Ancestral Puebleons with the canyons that are so full of stories and mysteries.  As evening approaches the setting sun floods the camp and canyon with rich hues of desert splendor.  A soak in the warm Mancos river under the golden cottonwoods, a roaring fire, good food and drink complete each day.

1600.00 person, includes all permits, horses, camp setup, cook, food, guides…and experiences that belong only to your heart.

Please remember we are essentially travelling back into time, no modern conveniences and we are immersed in the elements of SW Colorado, so be prepared for sunburns or rainstorms!

Ute Mountain Tribal Park Trip Itinerary in Brief

This is a trip for people with a sense of adventure and we hope you will join us!

Day One   We meet south of Mancos Colorado in Weber Canyon, load our supplies, saddle up and start our adventure.  We will visit one surface Puebloan site and Sandal House Cliff dwelling along our 14 mile ride to camp.

Day Two   We ride into Soda Canyon and when the country gets too rough for our faithful mounts we will continue on foot to Bone Awl House.  We explore the cliff dwelling and mesa top beyond.

Day Three  Let’s take a restful morning before saddling up and taking a short ride to the mouth of Soda Canyon and tie our horses and continue on foot to Two Story House, there is an outstanding panel of Picturegraphs and Petroglyphs.  A tree ladder that takes us to the top of the mesa where there are incredible views of camp below and the Mancos River.

Day Four   Break down camp and saddle up to ride back to Weber Canyon.  Let’s explore both sides of the river on the way home!  We should make it back to Weber by 4:00!

Rate subject to change. Valid as of 2/2017