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Trail Riding

This is the place to ride horses. There's no better way to experience Colorado and the San Juan Mountains. So saddle up and get ready to ride!

Rapp Corral Named Top Trail Ride by True West Magazine!

Rider Proficiency:
Beginner: Someone who rides infrequently or never before, but does not have a fear of horses.
Medium: Someone who rides a few times a year; someone who has taken a few lessons.
Advanced: Someone who rides frequently (perhaps owns a horse), and can properly control a horse under most circumstances found on the trail.

Trail RidingOne hour ride | $48.00 | Minimum age 6 years old
Weight limit is 230 lbs | Great for all riders!

There is a labyrinth of trails within the San Juan National Forest. Our guests can ride terrain suited to their abilities and interests. Aspen forests, Ponderosa and Oak studded hillsides, meadows, and Spruce forests on the north sides make this ride truly complete.  Offered May 7 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Two Hour Ride | $80.00 | Minimum age 8 years old
Weight limit is 220 lbs | Medium to Advanced Riders.

The trails continue. We may cross some creeks or spend some time in the Lupine Meadows (during early summer). This is a truly beautiful ride for those wishing to spend more time in the saddle. Bring some water and your camera! Offered May 7 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Trail RidingCave Ride (1 Hour and 45 Minutes) | $80.00 | Minimum age 6 years old
Weight limit is 220 lbs | Great for all riders!

This is a family favorite. You’ll be in the saddle for about an hour and twenty minutes during this excursion that is just under two hours. This adventure includes a short, but steep hike to a natural water cave. We will explore the twilight portion of the cave. Bring a little snack and some water for the short break we take after hiking back up from the cave. A great ride for those who want to stay out longer than an hour and have a cool adventure!  Offered May 25 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Miners Trace (3 Hours) | $120.00 | Minimum age 12 years old
Weight limit is 220 lbs | Medium to Advanced Riders.

This wonderful trail was brought to life in 2011 by the Southwest Conservation Corp. The trails winds through some rare old growth ponderosa forest contrasting the lush riperean environment of Elbert Creek. The terrain is a little more challenging and is a wonderful three hour ride for those who have spent a little more time in the saddle. We take a break half way through…so bring a snack and some water! Offered May 7 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Old Wagon Road and Cave (3 Hours) | $115.00 | Minimum age 8 years old
Weight limit is 220 lbs | Medium to Advanced Riders.

Lets ride for close to two hours before getting off and exploring the cave! We have several choices of trails that take us to the cave and a nice break and cool adventure.  Creeks, single track trails and a few closed logging trails keep us out exploring and enjoying our horses and scenery for a longer time before seeing the cave.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to see the cave and have a little more time and experience in the saddle!  Offered May 25 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Trail RidingHermosa Cliffs | $175.00 per person | Minimum age 15 years old
Weight limit is 210 lbs | Medium to Advanced Riders.

This unique five hour ride allows participants to see a lot of country including elevated parks, forests, incredible long distant views of the Needles, La Plata mountain ranges and Electra Lake. The ride originates at Elbert Creek and climbs 1,000' in elevation. Since Aspen trees dominate much of the forest this is a great Autumn favorite as the colors are truly spectacular! This is a fairly strenuous ride so riders should be in good physical condition. Bring a lunch, water, dress in layers and bring a jacket no matter what the weather is! Kids must be 15 or older. Offered June 1 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Trail RidingEngineer Mountain Ride | $200.00 per person | Minimum age 15 years old Weight limit is 210 lbs | Advanced Riders Only.
"For true adventure seekers, winding through a sub-alpine forest, past wildflowers and high above timberline, where, on a clear day, you can see all the way to New Mexico." — USA Today

The Engineer Mountain Ride is our wranglers’ favorite! This excursion is truly some of Colorado’s best high country. Wild flowers and views are so incredible words do no justice — we are at timberline and above on this ride (10,800’ to 11,900’).

This ride can be done in five hours or take an entire day.  The first hour of the trail can be busy with other users, so this ride is limited to advance riders only. Bring a lunch and water, dress in layers, and bring a jacket. Offered July 15 - October 10, depending on conditions.

Special Cowboy Poetry Ride | October 3rd
Ride starts 10:00am at the corral with a big group photo, we break into groups of six or so and ride some nice trails decorated in early fall colors.  The riders all meet at Chris Park and tie their horses as we all gather together for a great lunch catered by Nortons Catering.  Cowboy songs and poetry near the pavilion is a real experience…sometimes spontaneous as we gather with friends new and old! It is a mix of song, stories, some tears and some hearty laughter.

Please make reservations early!

If you need a horse the cost is 120.00
If you are bringing your own the cost is 60.00
Rapp Corral donates 20% to the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering Organization
Reservations are required and we sell out every year!  Book early!
Ride begins at 10:00 and we should be back to the corral by 2:00pm!

New Rides for This Year
Of course all our riders and horses are special but we have some new requests each year, so we are trying to accommodate these requests by these new offerings…reservations by phone only!

Pony Rides | $25.00 | Weight limit is 60 lbs
Let your children five and under come interact and ride one of our older gentle horses! This is a positive introduction to the horse world, one of our excellent wranglers will lead your little one around the corral area with you for 15 minutes or so…and there are a few fun toddler toys, sand, shovels and imagination at the corral to play with too! 25.00

Lesson and Trail Ride (2 hour total time) | $90.00 | Max group size 4 | Minimum age is 10 | Maximum weight is 210 lbs 
Whether you are an advanced rider that would like to work on things like lead changes or having a better seat or if you would like to learn more different gaits and riding them properly or if you are a total beginner we a very well rounded staff help you with a two hour lesson and trail ride for you!

Print Out Our Trail Ride Descriptions (pdf)

Before any equestrian activity, all riders will need to read and sign a liability release (pdf). You can print and sign before you arrive at our corral, or we will have the same release here for you to sign before your ride.

Operating with priority use permits in San Juan National Forest. Reservations are required for all rides. Reservations are best made by calling 970 247-8454. We do have a weight limit of 230 pounds. We gladly accept cash, traveler checks, and personal checks. We do not accept credit cards.

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